A-Bun-Dance 4 your Finance

When was the last time you truly enjoyed balancing your checkbook and playing with numbers? If you're anything like me, your relationship with money is probably tumultuous.

As someone with ADHD, I believed my brain couldn’t process managing money. I had no interest in it. Money also scared me. I grew up watching my mother count pennies to ensure we had enough to live. I knew I didn’t want to be controlled by counting coins. So I went on the offensive.

I was determined to control money instead of allowing it to control me. Money was for spending. I couldn’t have cared less about where it went. If I wanted something, I’d buy it without thinking twice, even if this meant not paying a phone bill. This type of impulsive behavior made me think I was in control. I wasn’t. I was struggling to stay financially stable and keep my life grounded.

I realized if I wanted personal freedom, I needed to change my relationship with money. I had to get good at managing my finances. I made it a game because it was fun, and it allowed me to take this thing that scared me, that I had no interest in, that was repulsive, and that I didn’t want to do and find the kernel of excitement, playfulness, and joy that I could tap into to keep me motivated and focused. This game is how I learned to have fun with my finances. I started celebrating my wins, no matter how big or small they were. I discovered skills I didn’t know I had, and money was no longer my enemy.

What would life be like if managing money became fun for you?? This book is a loving invitation for you to come join me on your own journey to learning how to play with money as a friend and celebrate your victory with A-Bun-Dance for your finance!

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