How ADHD Interferes With Managing Money and What You Can Do About it

Saison #1 Épisode #5

Managing money isn't something our brain thrives mainly because of executive functions. When you don't know you have ADHD it's impossible to know how it impacts your ability to manage money and if you find out in your forties, fifties or even sixties, the damage caused on your financial situation can be horrifying.

If managing money is difficult for you, I'm here to tell you that I totally get it because is was a challenge for me too and at times, it's still is. In this episode, you will discover how ADHD interferes, what to watch for and the tool I use for myself and my clients to make playing with numbers a fun game: Money Archetypes. Here's the link if you are curious to know how they help change your relationship with money

There's no doubt in my mind that you can develop the skills needed to manage your money wisely and have more in doing so. By knowing what gets in the way, you're able to rewrite the scenario of your ADHD and money history. but only you holds the responsibility to do so.

On the journey of learning and developing the abilities it takes to care for my finances, it became clear that what I needed to pay attention to was the deficit of interest I had for it.

That's how the idea for my book A-Bun-Dance 4 Your Finance - Growing Interest About Money Even if you Have ADHD was born and you can get the ADHD questionnaire to give you an idea of what your financial reality looks like by downloading Chapter 1 for free here :