How Knowing Your Core Values Can Help With ADHD

Saison #1 Épisode #6

Living a simple, fulfilling life with ADHD is possible, especially when your decisions, priorities and actions are driven and determined by your core values.

They are powerful, essential and can help decrease the intensity level of challenges such as:

  • Overwhelm
  • Negative self-talk
  • Inability to see strengths
  • Attention on what’s not working
  • Unable to remember successes
  • Rumination

Values help clarify your vision and give direction. They are also great to building understanding and awareness. Your perception about yourself really shift when your values are the centrepiece of your life, you have more compassion for yourself, and are more able to focus on our strengths, passions and successes because that works really well for us.

In this episode I talk about a test I did online a few years ago and here's the link if you want to know more:

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