Burnout - You Are More at Risk With ADHD and What to Watch For to Prevent it

Saison #1 Épisode #7

If you feel exhausted and wonder how you will make it through your day’s work, that you go to bed at night and wake up but are not rested at all, it’s something you might want to look into.

The feeling of facing more challenges than your colleagues because of ADHD is not something you’re imagining.

With challenges like planning, prioritizing, time management, time blindness, organization and boredom, ADHD affects our productivity and when you know it does, you’re often under the impression that you’re less efficient than your colleagues.

On top of that, maybe you take work at home or work on the week-end just so you are not too far behind.

You know you’re not delivering to your potential and you may end up thinking you are not meeting expectations and fear being fired.

Did you know that 24 to 56% of employees on long-term disability insurance for burnout have ADHD and that they are three to six times more at risk to suffer from one or multiple burnouts?

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