Phenomenally ADHD

Phenomenally ADHD

Hébergé par: Zarina Boily

A podcast created for and dedicated to women with ADHD (and men too!) to inspire and guide them on their journey with ADHD with a different perspective on what life is and can be when you figure out how your brain...


How Mindfulness Benefits the ADHD Nervous System

Saison #1 Épisode #13

What if certain ADHD traits such as focus, attention and self-regulation were improved with the practice of mindfulness? In this episode I share research that demonstrates all that you gain in practicing it, even if...
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Are you Time Insensitive?

Saison #1 Épisode #14

Are you time insensitive or time nearsighted? If you are wondering why you are always late, forget appointments and don’t seem to have enough time, chances are you are insensitive to time. On the other hand, fearing...
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Working Memory, Impacts on ADHD Challenges and Ways to Improve

Saison #1 Épisode #15

Working memory is an important part of ADHD and if it’s on overtime, challenges increase in intensity. Transitioning, decision making, concentration and focus all have in common working memory. If you have difficulty...
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Navigating Through Emotional Chaos

Saison #1 Épisode #16

The intensity with which we, adults with ADHD, experience life can reach levels that often feels unbearable. So much so that we get easily drained and exhausted emotionally. And with the complexity of both ADHD and...
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Getting Your Taxes Done When you Have ADHD

Saison #1 Épisode #17

If getting your income taxes done or ready for your accountant to do them for you has you completely overwhelmed and pressured by the deadline this episode is for you as we look at boredom and what triggers it for...
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Improving Your Communication Skills - Part 1

Saison #2 Épisode #1

Feeling awkward in a conversation because we said something that is way off topic. Interrupting people in the middle of a sentence because we think we already know what they’re going to say. Being unable to gather...
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Improving Your Communication Skills - Part 2

Saison #2 Épisode #2

When something gets to us and the response comes from impulse, because it collides with our values or we feel it’s wrong, we communicate in a different way than when we take the time to step back. That can be the case...
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Are You Highly Sensitive?

Saison #2 Épisode #3

Highly sensitive persons (HSP’s) get overwhelmed faster by stimulation and they need to take frequent breaks throughout the day to ensure they don’t exceed the capacity of what they can take in. Reading the generic at...
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ADHD and the Feeling of Not Living Up to Your Full Potential

Saison #2 Épisode #4

«I don’t feel like I am living up to my full potential» is something I often hear in coaching and it’s also something that I’ve been struggling with as a woman living with ADHD. Such a belief takes a toll on our...
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Are You Masking & Compensating Your ADHD Symptoms?

Saison #2 Épisode #5

Masking and compensation ADHD symptoms is a coping mechanism that can develop as early as childhood and you might hide inattention or impulsivity challenges without even knowing it. ADHD is a big puzzle to try and...
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I Think or Just Found Out I have ADHD. Now What?

Saison #2 Épisode #6

If you suspect you may have ADHD or it’s a recent thing in your life, knowing what’s up next can feel as if you’re in a scavenger hunt and feeling confused because you don’t understand any of the clues. It’s easy to...
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How Can You Benefit From ADHD Coaching?

Saison #2 Épisode #7

The coaching process for ADHD is designed as a pause where the coach and the client explore together just what your particular reality is so that you can identify and employ strategies and skills. One way you benefit...
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