Phenomenally ADHD

Phenomenally ADHD

Hébergé par: Zarina Boily

A podcast created for and dedicated to women with ADHD (and men too!) to inspire and guide them on their journey with ADHD with a different perspective on what life is and can be when you figure out how your brain...


How to Turn ADHD to Your Advantage at Work

Saison #3 Épisode #1

What makes hyperactivity an advantage rather than an ADHD trait that gets in the way of your personal, professional and social life showing up as excessive talking, restlessness and always being “on the go”? This...
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Beginnings, Endings and the ADHD Brain

Saison #3 Épisode #2

The ADHD brain is uniquely wired, which makes it hard sometimes to know if what you experience is ADHD-related or not, especially if you are new on this journey. Beginning something new is exciting, even more so if...
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How to Express Yourself Clearly When You Have ADHD

Saison #3 Épisode #3

How does lack of clarity show up when you have ADHD and what are the impacts in the personal, professional and love life of folks with a uniquely wired brain? This episode is inspired by a challenge Zarina experiences...
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Perfectionism: How It Shows Up With ADHD and It's Hidden Strengths

Saison #3 Épisode #4

Believing there is only one way of doing something and no other option possible to do certain tasks or chores such as folding laundry or reading a book. Thinking that you might as well do it yourself because you will...
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A Fraught Relationship Between a Mother and a Daughter Who Don't Know Have ADHD

Saison #3 Épisode #5

Do you have a fraught relationship with your mom with your fair share of arguments, conflicts, misunderstandings, fights, and the chain reaction of negative emotions and trauma? Zarina sure has, and for the longest...
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JOMO: The Must Have Antidote to FOMO for ADHDers

Saison #3 Épisode #6

Do you find that living with ADHD feels like living life at high speed where fast is the only way to go? Do you have a hard time knowing how to or what to say no to because you don’t want to miss out on anything? If...
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Why ADHD is a Difference, not a Disorder

Saison #3 Épisode #7

The saddest thing about ADHD is the narrative that focuses more on the pain and struggles than the strengths and abilities. Of course, it's an undeniable fact that there is a long list of symptoms that create a heavy...
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Dances with Dust Bunnies: Conquering House Chores with ADHD

Saison #3 Épisode #8

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the simplest tasks or found yourself lost in the clutter, this episode is your beacon of hope and humor where we tackle the chaotic world of house chores through the unique lens of...
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Navigating ADHD: Start with Self-Awareness - Part 1

Saison #3 Épisode #9

When you have ADHD, you might feel that becoming more self aware of your distractible brain is like fighting a losing battle. ADHDers pretty much live in their head which means they’re not paying attention to their...
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