Phenomenally ADHD

Phenomenally ADHD

Hébergé par: Zarina Boily

A podcast created for and dedicated to women with ADHD (and men too!) to inspire and guide them on their journey with ADHD with a different perspective on what life is and can be when you figure out how your brain...


A journey with the unexpected gift of ADHD

Saison #1 Épisode #1

NO ONE living with ADHD is broken or dysfunctional but that's what I thought about myself before finding out I had this four letter friend in my life. In this episode, I share my journey living with ADHD, what changed...
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Changing How You See Procrastination

Saison #1 Épisode #2

Everyone can procrastinate from time to time but when it comes to ADHD, well, the way we experience it is very different. In this episode, you will learn what is actually going on when you procrastinate and yes, it’s...
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Using Highlights and Shifts From 2022 to Tap Into Your Genius

Saison #1 Épisode #3

What highlights, shifts and lessons the last year brought you? Ya, 2022 is a thing of the past and it went by in a flash. So much happens in 12 months and living with ADHD also means we tend to forget great things...
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Simple Tactics to Getting Unstuck

Saison #1 Épisode #4

If you think of the last time you felt stuck, how would you describe it? Being stuck is definitely a shadow side of ADHD and one that can last a very loooong time if we hop on a train of negative thinking. AND as...
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How ADHD Interferes With Managing Money and What You Can Do About it

Saison #1 Épisode #5

Managing money isn't something our brain thrives mainly because of executive functions. When you don't know you have ADHD it's impossible to know how it impacts your ability to manage money and if you find out in your...
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How Knowing Your Core Values Can Help With ADHD

Saison #1 Épisode #6

Living a simple, fulfilling life with ADHD is possible, especially when your decisions, priorities and actions are driven and determined by your core values. They are powerful, essential and can help decrease the...
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Burnout - You Are More at Risk With ADHD and What to Watch For to Prevent it

Saison #1 Épisode #7

If you feel exhausted and wonder how you will make it through your day’s work, that you go to bed at night and wake up but are not rested at all, it’s something you might want to look into. The feeling of facing more...
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Reasons to Love Your ADHD Brain

Saison #1 Épisode #8

If you wonder what's there to love about ADHD, let me tell you that there's a lot to be crazy in love with our brain. Showing love and appreciation can definitely help change how you see it and when you accept and...
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Understanding How ADHD Impacts Flexibility

Saison #1 Épisode #9

Are you completely disorganized when your plan changes last minute or when your routine doesn't go as it usually does? Flexibility is often one executive function with ADHD that can either perform well or bring the...
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Shifting From Resistance to Acceptance to Ease Up Your ADHD Life

Saison #1 Épisode #10

How do you go from a complicated to a simpler life with ADHD when challenges hit you right, left and centre? Whether the challenges are ADHD related or just life happening, it's easy to get frustrated, irritated and...
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Breaking the Pattern of Inconsistency

Saison #1 Épisode #11

If you are sick and tired of carrying the reputation of being consistent at being inconsistent and you wish to break the «habit» great because the good news is that it's possible. We are often perceived as individual...
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5 Key to Unlock Your Superpowers

Saison #1 Épisode #12

What if what you were criticized for, judged for and labeled with were your superpowers? Things you can tap into because they were converted into something you can tap into and that you turned to your...
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